German Wheel

The German Wheel (or ‘Rhoenrad’) was invented in 1925 by Otto Feick. It is a double rimmed wheel with foot boards, handles and rungs.

There are three categories of moves that can be performed on a German wheel: straight line, spiral and vault. Exercises can be performed without bindings and without hands.

Straight line exercises are as they sound; exercises where the wheel moves in a straight line and the gymnast is inside the wheel.

In vault exercises, the gymnast vaults over the top of the wheel while the wheel itself moves in a straight line.

In spiral exercises, the gymnast manouvers the wheel onto one rim and performs spinning exercises in a manner that looks something like a spinning coin.



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  1. Hello, I Live in London and where you are based are a bit far . Do you know if there is anywhere nearer ? I have tried German Wheel Gymnastics in Germany and Loved it and really want to properly try it. Thank you

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