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Other contacts

IRV – The international rhoenrad association, based in Germany.


Torwood Wheelers – Currently the only dedicated Wheel Gymnastics club in in England.

Five Ring Circus – Youth circus with a couple of wheels in Newcastle.



Acrojou – A highly original German Wheel Duo. They combine wheels with street theatre.


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  1. I REALLY want to learn the Cyr Wheel but don’t know where to go! I am based in London and don’t mind paying for private tuition if needed. Can anyone help???

    • I also live in London and am interested in the possibility of learning to use the Cyr Wheel. Please advise if you get any info. Might have to go to Ipswich.
      Ta. DHS

  2. Hi, I run a website ( on which you can see photo reports of almost all competitions held in the Netherlands, as well as some in Germany also.
    There are also photo series of the World Championships 2011 held in Arnsberg, Germany and the Team World Cup 2012, held in Baar (Switzerland) and Ramstein (Germany).

    Cheers, Bart

  3. I live in the united states, in california….Is there any german wheel/rhoenrad training facilities in my area?? How and where can I buy a german wheel/ rhoenrad and what is the price??? Thank you.

  4. I really want a Cyr wheel. How much do you charge. I am 5’3 and dont know what diameter and all the different details.. I dont know what to get or how much to spend on one. Can you help me? I also live in the midwest U.S.

  5. I used to train German Wheel/ Rhoenrad (both on a competition and show level) for many years, when I lived in Berlin. Now based in West London I am loooking to train again. Does anyone have a German wheel (2.10m Rhoenrad) I could buy or borough or do you know of anyone I could train with in London?

    • Hello, did you get back on the wheel in the end and have a training space in West London? I am really keen since years to take it up together with my daughter. We live in Chiswick but most available trainers seem to be further east

  6. Would really love to learn how to use the cyr wheel. saw a video and it looked amazing. Shame the only place to take lessons is in London :( . If there’s ever anywhere near Swindon I’d be very interested.

  7. my daughter is very interested in learning the german wheel. can you let me know if there is any training available in the near future and venues


  8. Are you planning to open one in Devon at all? Specifically Exeter? My daughter, a former cheerleader, would absolutely love this!

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